St. John Culture & Heritage Foundation’s initiative, Homes for St. Johnians, raises funds to restore, rebuild and renew St. John.

Please give generously, every dollar matters. Help spread the word so others will put their hearts out too. Love City needs your help.

The smallest and most romantic of the US Virgin Islands, St. John has long been called Love City by locals and those visitors captivated by it. It’s a place of tremendous natural beauty and charm, buoyed by a tight-knit community of St. Johnians who have called her “home” for generations.

The overwhelming hurricane season of 2017 with its devastating storms—including Cat 5 Irma— damaged or destroyed nearly every home on St. John while wreaking havoc on the island’s economy and infrastructure. Restoring and rebuilding continues as a top priority. Give residents hope and renewal through your generous contribution to HOMES FOR ST. JOHNIANS.